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10 signs you’re a True Knitter

February 5, 2024
By Janina Kallio

Knit your bliss with effortless knitting patterns

Here are 10 signs of a True Knitter. What’s your score?

  1. You’re secretly happy a party you were going to gets cancelled because you’d rather stay home in baggy sweats and knit anyway.
  2. You have a special bag just for your knitting projects. And let’s be honest, it’s not just one. It’s several, each with its own work-in-progress.
  3. You have yarn in every room of the house. It’s like glitter after a craft party but way less messy to clean up.
  4. Choosing between yarns feels like picking a favourite child. Each one has its own personality and potential, making the decision nearly impossible.
  5. A traffic jam or a delayed flight doesn’t throw you off. Every unexpected pause is just another chance to knit a few more rows.
  6. The first thing you notice about sweaters in stores is the knit pattern. And you either think, “I could make that” or “I wonder how many skeins that would take?”
  7. You can identify different fibres just by touch. It’s like a superpower – you can tell Merino from Alpaca blindfolded.
  8. You’ve turned down social plans because you were “busy.” Busy knitting, that is. Those stitches won’t knit themselves, after all.
  9. You have more photos of your knitting projects on your phone than selfies. Each project is a milestone, a memory. And let’s face it, sometimes they look better than we do.
  10. You’re nodding along while reading this list. Because each point reminds you of why you love knitting so much. It’s not just a hobby; it’s a part of who you are.


If that sounds like you, you’re the real deal. Congrats!

Now, reward yourself with an effortless pattern that makes knitting feel as relaxing as a hot bubble bath after a long week. (Glass of wine optional.)

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