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“I just purchased your most recent patterns and am delighted to have them.”

“I am totally in love with Antarktis and have encouraged many women in my knitting group to also purchase and knit it. We all love it. Thank you for being a designer of such fabulous patterns.”

– Ann from Pennsylvania, US

”Please know how much I adore your work.”

“I am chipping away at my unfinished project pile, BUT… I’ll be starting another one of your gorgeous knits soon!! I recommend your patterns all the time.”

– Leigh,

“Your patterns are very well written and I have no hesitation in recommending them to everyone.”

“Beginners appreciate the simplicity of the knit, with big payback in how fantastic they look when done. I’ve knit three or four of your patterns now, and look forward to knitting more.”

– Deborah,

“I just wanted to say thank you for selling your patterns.”

“I found your patterns through a sample in my LYS and have purchased four of them so far. They are marvelous! I like things that are elegant, but easy enough to knit when I am in a group. Thanks again for sharing!”

– Janet from Maryland, US

“I’m really enjoying your patterns.”

“They look more difficult than they actually are, just the level of concentration I want to use since I’m always knitting and talking or watching a movie as I knit.”

– Barbara from New Jersey, US

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