Take your brain to the gym with knitting

Knitting: A workout for the brain

We’re all familiar with the calming effects of knitting and how it helps us unwind after a long day.

But did you know that knitting also gives our brains a superb workout? Yes, it’s true! Knitting isn’t just a soothing hobby; it’s a brain booster in disguise.

Studies suggest that this delightful hobby of ours can delay age-related memory loss and keep our minds sharp. It’s like having a secret weapon hidden in your knitting basket. Who needs Sudoku when you have a knitting pattern, right?

Knitting: A workout for the brain

Knitting involves a combination of concentration and motor skills, which is like taking your brain to the gym. Yes, with each stitch, your brain cells are doing their own version of weightlifting. Plus, you can enjoy a glass of wine while working out!

A symphony in your brain

Every time we follow a pattern, make a stitch, or even untangle a bit of yarn, we’re engaging multiple areas of our brains. Think of it like an orchestra where every section plays its part – our memory, attention, and problem-solving skills all come together in harmony. It’s a full-scale workout for our grey matter!

Healthy ageing with knitting

For those of us in our middle years and beyond, knitting is not just a way to relax and create; it’s also a proactive step towards healthy ageing. The repetitive motion and the focus required to follow even the simplest patterns provide a gentle yet effective workout for the brain. This mental engagement is crucial for maintaining cognitive function, especially as we get older.

Your secret superpower

Next time someone condescendingly sighs “I wish I had time to knit”, flash a knowing smile and say it’s a vital part of your workout routine and your secret weapon for a strong, healthy brain.

Not that we needed another reason to love knitting, but isn’t it great to know our favourite activity is doing so much good?

Ready for a brain workout session that feels as divine as a hot bubble bath after a long week? (Glass of wine optional.)

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10 signs you’re a True Knitter

Knit your bliss with effortless knitting patterns

Here are 10 signs of a True Knitter. What’s your score?

  1. You’re secretly happy a party you were going to gets cancelled because you’d rather stay home in baggy sweats and knit anyway.
  2. You have a special bag just for your knitting projects. And let’s be honest, it’s not just one. It’s several, each with its own work-in-progress.
  3. You have yarn in every room of the house. It’s like glitter after a craft party but way less messy to clean up.
  4. Choosing between yarns feels like picking a favourite child. Each one has its own personality and potential, making the decision nearly impossible.
  5. A traffic jam or a delayed flight doesn’t throw you off. Every unexpected pause is just another chance to knit a few more rows.
  6. The first thing you notice about sweaters in stores is the knit pattern. And you either think, “I could make that” or “I wonder how many skeins that would take?”
  7. You can identify different fibres just by touch. It’s like a superpower – you can tell Merino from Alpaca blindfolded.
  8. You’ve turned down social plans because you were “busy.” Busy knitting, that is. Those stitches won’t knit themselves, after all.
  9. You have more photos of your knitting projects on your phone than selfies. Each project is a milestone, a memory. And let’s face it, sometimes they look better than we do.
  10. You’re nodding along while reading this list. Because each point reminds you of why you love knitting so much. It’s not just a hobby; it’s a part of who you are.


If that sounds like you, you’re the real deal. Congrats!

Now, reward yourself with an effortless pattern that makes knitting feel as relaxing as a hot bubble bath after a long week. (Glass of wine optional.)

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Knitting: Like a spa day for your brain

Simple and effortless knitting patterns to help you ditch overwhelm and knit your bliss.

Ever feel like you’re in a blender set to full speed?

Notifications buzzing like a bee on a caffeine high, that never-ending pile of laundry mocking you, and the dishes in the sink forming their own colony. Plus, a to-do list that just won’t quit.

But here’s the thing – as knitters, we have a secret weapon against the madness in our knitting basket.

Think about it. When we pick up our needles, it’s not just about the stitches. It’s our undercover calm operation. When those needles start dancing? That’s our personal SOS signal sending stress packing.

The steady rhythm of your knitting isn’t just part of the process; it’s the heartbeat of your calm. We’re unravelling stress and overwhelm, loop by loop.

Each stitch is a mini-vacation for your brain, your way of hitting the brakes on the crazy train of everyday life. Forget noise-cancelling headphones; your needles do the trick of turning the volume down on life’s craziness.

So, next time you feel caught in the chaos crossfire, remember: you’ve got a superpower tucked in your knitting bag. Every row is your way of stitching together some sanity in this nutty world.

Keep conquering the chaos, one stitch at a time.

Ready to send that stress packing with an effortless pattern that makes knitting feel as relaxing as a hot bubble bath after a long week? (Glass of wine optional.)

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Rosewater: Bestselling one skein shawl knitting pattern

Rosewater – One skein shawl knitting pattern with garter stitch and simple lace.

Thousands of knitters can’t be wrong. Rosewater is the perfect one skein wonder shawl knitting pattern.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think while designing Rosewater back in 2015, that this shawl pattern would become so wildly popular.

All I knew was I had a beautiful skein of fingering weight yarn, and I wanted to do it justice.

So I set out to design a top-down crescent shawl knitting pattern with garter stitch and simple lace. I combined my favourite elements to create the signature lace on the border, and I might have squeaked when I saw how beautiful it turned out. It definitely looks much more complex than it is.

The garter stitch body knits up in no time, and when you get to the lace, you won’t want to put your needles down. It’s so engaging you’ll find yourself saying, “Just one more row!”.

It’s no wonder Rosewater is a bestselling shawl knitting pattern year after year. Seeing it come to life on the needles of thousands of knitters around the world never gets old.

The best bits in a nutshell:

  • Simple and clear knitting instructions. No guesswork required.
  • All you need is one skein of fingering-weight yarn.
  • Both written and charted instructions included.
  • Garter stitch and simple yet stunning lace. No purling!
  • Wanna make yours bigger? The pattern includes notes on how to make Rosewater larger if you have more yarn.

Download the Rosewater shawl knitting pattern and cast on today.

Desert Rain: The ultimate one-skein shawl knitting pattern

Desert Rain – One skein shawl knitting pattern with garter stitch and eyelets

Looking for the perfect one-skein shawl knitting pattern?

Desert Rain is here to turn your single skein of yarn into a stunning shawl. This one-skein knitting pattern is all about simplicity, ideal for those moments when you need a peaceful escape from the daily grind.

Whether you’re a seasoned knitter or just beginning your knitting journey, Desert Rain is designed to bring you joy and a sense of accomplishment.

One-skein shawl pattern for fingering weight yarn

Desert Rain transforms a single skein of fingering weight yarn into a standout shawl. It’s the go-to pattern for using that special yarn waiting in your stash. This versatile pattern adapts to any colour or texture, making each shawl uniquely yours. Whether you’re a fan of vibrant hues or subtle tones, Desert Rain is the perfect canvas to let your yarn shine.

Bottom-up triangle shawl pattern with garter stitch and eyelets

The Desert Rain shawl begins at the bottom tip, growing upwards into an expansive triangle. The design weaves together garter stitch and eyelet bands, creating a dynamic yet simple knitting pattern. It’s a satisfying project, perfect for seeing your yarn come alive stitch by stitch. The minimalistic approach ensures your yarn is the hero, allowing its texture and colour to shine through every stitch.

Easy lace shawl for meditative knitting

Desert Rain shawl is your gateway to relaxing, creative me-time. The pattern is straightforward, making it accessible for knitters at any level. As you knit, the repetitive pattern ensures a peaceful retreat from the digital overload of daily life. The simplicity of the design ensures that the process is as relaxing and fulfilling as the outcome. It’s the ideal pattern for unwinding after a busy day.

Ready to turn that single skein to a beautiful triangle shawl?

Desert Rain invites you to a rewarding knitting experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned knitter, this one-skein shawl knitting pattern turns your single skein into a stunning shawl, perfect for any occasion.

Ready to cast on? Grab your needles, choose that special skein from your stash, and cast on today. Download the Desert Rain knitting pattern here.

How to make blocking more effortless

Tips for knitting and blocking shawls

I’ve got quite a few skills, but if there’s one thing I really excel at, it’s procrastination.

Want to guess what I tend to procrastinate on the most?

Blocking shawls.

Tediously threading those blocking wires along the edges of a soggy shawl is not my idea of a good time.

It. Takes. Foreeever.

Which is why you’re mostly likely to find me blocking a new shawl the night before the photoshoot, way past bedtime.

And then frantically blowdrying it the next morning.

Over the years, I’ve picked up a few tricks to get this chore done with a little less ick.

Here are my best tips:

  1. Plan a reward for yourself. It could be a relaxing hot bath, a Gin & Tonic, a couple of episodes of Ginny & Georgia, or whatever floats your boat.
  2. Set the ambience with a diffuser and some essential oils. Rosemary and Jasmine are my go-to.
  3. Pop in your headphones and groove to your favourite tunes, or dive into a gripping audiobook.

Bonus tip: Choose a project that makes blocking as effortless as can be. Something like the Lighthouse shawl. With eyelet holes on each edge, inserting those blocking wires has never been easier. You’re welcome.

Lighthouse shawl pattern from Woolenberry

See the Lighthouse pattern here

Connect with yourself through knitting

Connect with yourself through knitting

Knitting is more than a craft; it’s a journey of self-exploration.

As we immerse in the rhythmic motion of the needles, we create space for reflection and discovery, both within ourselves and in our craft.

The repetitive actions of our hands and the soothing nature of knitting allow our minds to quiet down, making room for new insights and ideas to emerge.

In our busy lives, it’s so easy to neglect creative projects. But when we prioritise self-care and creativity, we carve out a sacred space to connect with ourselves.

With each stitch, we embark on an exploration of our inner landscape. As we engage with the tactile sensations of the yarn and the rhythmic dance of the needles, we find a rhythm that resonates with our own unique energy. In this state of flow, we release the constraints of daily life and tap into our creative fire.

Knitting provides an opportunity to express ourselves authentically. We can experiment with colours, textures and patterns that speak to us without judgment or expectations. We discover new aspects of our creativity when we follow our intuition and inspirations. The knitting process becomes a mirror, reflecting our thoughts, emotions and experiences, allowing us to express them through our craft.

Making mistakes and unravelling stitches remind us that imperfection is part of the process. We learn to embrace setbacks as valuable lessons, fostering resilience and adaptability. Each project becomes a metaphor for personal growth, with moments of triumph and lessons learned.

Ultimately, knitting is a journey to self-discovery, self-expression and self-nurturing. It’s an invitation to connect with ourselves, to honour our creativity, and to cultivate a deeper understanding of who we are. As we unravel the threads of our being through the stitches we create, we know that knitting is not just about creating tangible items—it’s a journey that brings us closer to ourselves.

As you pick up your needles, allow yourself to be present in each stitch, embracing the insights and inspirations that arise. Through knitting, you’ll discover not only the beauty of your craft but also the beauty within yourself.

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Slow down with Underwater shawl

Underwater shawl pattern from Woolenberry.

This deliciously simple shawl is a perfect antidote to the hustle and grind.

Underwater is a minimal and cosy triangle shawl with diagonally moving eyelet bands on stockinette stitch.

It’s soothing and comforting to knit. Perfect for slowing down with your knitting and a good audiobook.

You work this shawl with three colours of sport-weight yarn.

I used De Rerum Natura Ulysse (100% merino; 185 m / 202 yds per 50 g) in colours Quartz, Poivre et Sel and Granit.

But Underwater would look great in a single colour, too. You’ll need about 629 m / 688 yds of sport-weight yarn in total.

Don’t like purling? You could also work this shawl in garter stitch.

Ready to cast on? See the Underwater pattern here.

Soothe your soul with the new Tranquil scarf

Tranquil scarf pattern from Woolenberry.

Tranquil is now live!

I have been eagerly waiting to share this new wrap with you. It’s one of my all-time favourites.

There’s so much to love about big shawls, but sometimes all you want is a barely-there piece that doesn’t weigh you down.

This lovely little wrap feels like a hug from a cloud.

You work Tranquil on the bias with increases on one edge and decreases on the other, creating a chic parallelogram shape with tapered ends.

The all-over diamond lace is relaxing yet entertaining to knit. With no purling!

You can easily adjust Tranquil to different sizes and yarn amounts to make it your own. The pattern includes instructions on modifying both the width and length.

Ready to cast on? See the Tranquil pattern here.

Sneak peek: Knit yourself calm with Tranquil

Tranquil scarf pattern from Woolenberry.

I’ve been counting down the days to share my new design, Tranquil, with you.

And in two days, Tranquil finally goes live!

I’m so excited about this one, and I hope you’ll love it too.

Tranquil is a bias rectangle wrap with all-over diamond lace on garter stitch.

This weightless little piece feels like a hug from a cloud.

I used 390 m / 427 yds (only 65 g) of Isager Spinni, a lace-weight single-ply 100% wool yarn.

You can use any lace to fingering weight yarn you want.

(Or any yarn weight. Just remember to go up in needle size if you’re going heavier.)

The pattern includes instructions on modifying the width and length, so you can make yours as big or petite as you want.

When Tranquil goes live, I’ll send a 20% discount code for the pattern to my e-letter subscribers. If you haven’t signed up for my free e-letters, do that here.

And if you’re a Woolenberry Patreon member, you will find a 40% discount for the pattern on Patreon and in your inbox as soon as Tranquil goes live. You can also use your monthly free download code for Tranquil.

I can’t wait to share Tranquil with you!

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