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Simple knitting: Unwind with the Underwater shawl

Underwater – Simple triangle lace shawl for beginners

Are you craving a deliciously simple shawl on your needles?

If you’re looking for a knitting project that’s simple but still leaves room for a bit of creativity, the Underwater shawl is just what you need.

This pattern is all about a sleek, minimal shawl that feels as good to make as it does to wear.

Simple knitting, beautiful results

The Underwater shawl is a bias triangle with diagonally moving eyelet bands on stockinette stitch.

The look is modern and understated, making it an accessory that goes with just about anything.

You’ll need three colors of sport-weight yarn—how bold or subtle you go is up to you.

Deliciously soothing knitting

There’s something genuinely soothing about working on this shawl. Maybe it’s the repetitive motion of the needles or the way the pattern emerges almost effortlessly as you go.

Plus, finishing up with an I-cord bind-off gives a neat, tidy edge. It’s satisfying to see such a polished result from such a relaxing process.

This knitting pattern is great for both beginners and seasoned knitters.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll appreciate the easy-to-follow instructions and simple stitches.

If you’re a more experienced knitter, you’ll love the meditative rhythm and the chance to experiment with colour.

Whether you want to unwind after a busy day or spend a lazy weekend morning with a cup of coffee and your favourite podcast, this project will perfectly match your pace and mood.

Cast on and let the Underwater shawl take you to your happy place.

Knit through the elements: Welcome to the 2024 Shawl Club

Earthsong – One skein shawl knitting pattern. Inspired by the Earth element.

Welcome to the 9th year of the Woolenberry Shawl Club!

In the 2024 Shawl Club, we’ll be taking a journey through the four elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.

Each element embodies a unique essence and energy that we’ll explore together.

The 2024 Shawl Club invites you to embark on a creative adventure through the elements. A path that will ignite a year of discovery and personal inspiration drawn from the natural world.

The 2024 Shawl Club is a collection of four shawl knitting patterns, each released one by one in March, June, September, and December.

These shawls are exclusive to the 2024 Shawl Club and will not be available individually until next year.

The first pattern in the 2024 Shawl Club, Earthsong, draws inspiration from the nurturing and supporting essence of the Earth element.

The repetitive rhythm of the pattern invites you to connect with the rooting energy of the Earth.

The Earth element reminds us to stay grounded and present, to trust in the cyclical nature of life and ourselves, to lean into the season of life that we’re currently in, and to find strength and resilience in who we are.

Earthsong is a crescent-shaped one-skein shawl with garter stitch, beautiful yet simple chevron lace, and an i-cord bind-off.

As you knit Earthsong, allow yourself to get grounded, stay present, and feel a deep connection with the natural world, knowing you are supported.

Earthsong – One skein shawl knitting pattern. Inspired by the Earth element.

Is the 2024 Shawl Club right for you?

  • Does knitting effortless shawls that showcase gorgeous yarns bring you joy?
  • Are you craving for more playful exploration and connection to nature?
  • Do you love delightful surprises?

If you’re nodding yes, the 2024 Shawl Club is your happy place!

🎉 What’s in store for you:

  • Earthsong shawl: Launching the collection with calm, nurturing vibes. Imagine each stitch grounding you to the present moment.
  • Three more elemental surprises: Every shawl in the 2024 Shawl Club is a love letter to the elements, waiting to be unravelled by you.
  • Clear instructions: Each pattern will include easy-to-follow written and charted instructions.
  • Seasonal releases: The four knitting patterns in the 2024 Shawl Club are released quarterly in March, June, September and December.
  • Give yourself a gift that keeps on giving: One-time payment – year-round knitting fun!

A year of discovery and inspiration from the natural world is waiting for you inside the 2024 Shawl Club!

Your new favourite summer knit!

Open Skies – Bias rectangle scarf knitting pattern with garter stitch and simple lace.

Say hello to your new favourite summer knit!

The Open Skies scarf is an ode to nature’s simplicity.

Open Skies is a lightweight rectangular scarf with bias construction and tapered ends.

You work it in garter stitch and simple lace, playing with vertical and diagonal eyelet bands.

This easy-to-wear scarf feels light against the skin and pairs well with any outfit, providing warmth without the bulk.

A sleek little thing that doesn’t weigh you down but adds a touch of je ne sais quoi.

And the best part? You only need about 300 m / 330 yds of fingering weight yarn.

I knitted the scarf in the photo with Zitron Seidenstrasse (65% merino, 35% silk; 400 m / 437 yds per 100 g).

I bought this skein almost a decade ago on a hot July day from a lovely little yarn shop in Regensburg, Germany. It’s been patiently waiting for the perfect project, and this was it!

Ready to cast on?

Download the Open Skies scarf knitting pattern here!

The perfect light layer knit for summer

Tranquil – Bias rectangle scarf knitting pattern with simple lace and garter stitch.

There’s so much to love about big, cosy shawls—they’re like comfort food for our shoulders, right?

But there are days when you don’t want the full buffet.

Maybe it’s too warm, or you’re craving for something lighter that doesn’t weigh you down.

Sometimes, what you really need is a lightweight, easy piece that’s just enough to add some flair without making you feel like you’re wrapped in a woollen blanket all day.

It’s like adding a little black dress to your wardrobe full of chunky sweaters.

That’s exactly what the Tranquil scarf pattern is all about.

This lovely little wrap feels like a hug from a cloud. When you want a barely-there piece that doesn’t weigh you down, Tranquil is your go-to accessory.

Tranquil is a lightweight rectangular scarf knitting pattern that looks more complex than it is.

You work Tranquil on the bias, creating a fun parallelogram shape with tapered ends. The all-over diamond lace is relaxing yet entertaining to knit. With no purling!

You’ll need about 390 m / 427 yds of lace or light-fingering weight yarn.

I knitted this sample shawl with Isager Spinni (100% wool; 300 m / 328 yds per 50 g), which is a single-ply yarn with a bit of a rustic feel. It holds its shape well and blocks like a dream.

The best bits in a nutshell:

  • Simple and clear instructions, no guesswork needed.
  • Lightweight warmth without the bulk.
  • Both written and charted instructions.
  • Garter stitch and simple yet stunning lace. And no purling!
  • Prefer your wraps bigger? The pattern includes notes on how to modify the width and length.

Tranquil is a calm and peaceful wrap that will soothe your soul. It’s a relaxing knit with a simple yet striking lace pattern that you’ll have memorised after a few repeats.

Download the Tranquil scarf knitting pattern and cast on today!

Knitter, welcome to the wild side

Gossamer – One skein shawl knitting pattern with delicate lace and garter stitch

We all juggle two sides within us: the one who loves to check things off the to-do list and the one who wants just to play around and create.

Our practical side makes sure the bills get paid and that we’re doing what we’re ‘supposed’ to. This side is about efficiency and rationality.

Then, there’s our creative side. This one’s a bit wild.

The creative side is all about colouring outside the lines, trying new things just because, and making something even if it’s not ‘useful.’

It’s the side that stays up late with a new project, not because it has to, but because it’s fun and feels good.

Sometimes, they clash.

Your practical side glances at the to-do list or that pile of laundry and tells your creative side there’s no time for fun and games.

But here’s the thing—letting your creative side out to play is what makes you who you are.

It adds spice to the routine and can make the practical stuff more colourful.

Which side are you listening to today?

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Knitspiration: Fun and playful one-skein shawl knitting pattern

Gossamer – One skein shawl knitting pattern with garter stitch and lace. Perfect for your favourite fingering weight yarn!

Are you looking for a perfect shawl knitting pattern for that single skein of fingering-weight yarn you’ve been saving?

I know you’ve got some treasures in your stash that you don’t know what to make with, but you just couldn’t resist buying. (We’re on the same boat, friend.)

I designed the Gossamer shawl exactly for those yarns.

Gossamer is a breeze to whip up, dancing off your needles with a mix of garter stitch and delicate lace.

And the best part? You only need one skein of fingering-weight yarn.

As you knit, watch the lace stripes emerge, adding a dash of intrigue to the smooth garter sea. The grand finale is the wide lace border, creating an edge that commands attention yet slips off the needles effortlessly.

Topped with a playful picot bind-off, it’s knitting satisfaction at its finest. Despite its intricate appearance, Gossamer is a quick knit.

Whether you’re on your usual commute, nestled in your favourite knitting nook, or just need a companion for your latest binge-watch, Gossamer promises to be a knitting flirtation that might just bloom into a full-blown love affair.

And when you’re done, you’ll have the perfect accessory to throw on as you head out the door, or a touch of sophistication to add to your evening out.

Download the Gossamer shawl knitting pattern and cast on today! 

What’s mixtapes got to do with knitting?

Underwater – Simple triangle lace shawl knitting pattern for beginners

Remember mixtapes? That feeling when you were hunched over your cassette player, carefully selecting each song to craft the perfect lineup.

Each track had its own mood and story, coming together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s the same as finding that perfect colour combo for your next knitting project.

Like a DJ mixing tracks, you mix and match, finding the perfect balance between contrast and complement, vibrancy and subtlety.

That’s the art of creation, whether you’re painting, knitting, or cooking.

It’s about seeing the potential for magic in the combination of differences.

Next time you plan a new knitting project, think of yourself as a curator, a creator of mixtapes.

Each pattern, yarn and colour is a carefully selected track in the album of your creativity.

What story will you tell? What emotions will you evoke?

The perfect lineup is out there, waiting for you to make your mark.

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The magic of finding “The One”

Knitting Tales: When a yarn whispers your name

Picture yourself walking into a yarn shop. The air buzzing with the promise of new projects, the shelves a rainbow of potential. But among the sea of skeins, one calls your name.

Not just any colour. It’s THE colour. Like it’s glowing, just for you.

You’re surrounded by options, but this one skein shines like a beacon amidst the multitude, destined just for you. For a brief moment time freezes, the background fades into a soft blur, and the universe seems to consist of only you and that yarn.

It promises cosy nights and the comforting rhythm of needles dancing through stories untold.

It’s like… Magic. Like when Sam offers his hand to Annie at the top of the Empire State Building and says “Shall we?”.

Moments like these remind us why we knit. For the joy. For the creativity. For that perfect colour that whispers, “You and me, we’re meant to be.”

Always listen to that whisper. It’s where the magic starts.

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Take your brain to the gym with knitting

Knitting: A workout for the brain

We’re all familiar with the calming effects of knitting and how it helps us unwind after a long day.

But did you know that knitting also gives our brains a superb workout? Yes, it’s true! Knitting isn’t just a soothing hobby; it’s a brain booster in disguise.

Studies suggest that this delightful hobby of ours can delay age-related memory loss and keep our minds sharp. It’s like having a secret weapon hidden in your knitting basket. Who needs Sudoku when you have a knitting pattern, right?

Knitting: A workout for the brain

Knitting involves a combination of concentration and motor skills, which is like taking your brain to the gym. Yes, with each stitch, your brain cells are doing their own version of weightlifting. Plus, you can enjoy a glass of wine while working out!

A symphony in your brain

Every time we follow a pattern, make a stitch, or even untangle a bit of yarn, we’re engaging multiple areas of our brains. Think of it like an orchestra where every section plays its part – our memory, attention, and problem-solving skills all come together in harmony. It’s a full-scale workout for our grey matter!

Healthy ageing with knitting

For those of us in our middle years and beyond, knitting is not just a way to relax and create; it’s also a proactive step towards healthy ageing. The repetitive motion and the focus required to follow even the simplest patterns provide a gentle yet effective workout for the brain. This mental engagement is crucial for maintaining cognitive function, especially as we get older.

Your secret superpower

Next time someone condescendingly sighs “I wish I had time to knit”, flash a knowing smile and say it’s a vital part of your workout routine and your secret weapon for a strong, healthy brain.

Not that we needed another reason to love knitting, but isn’t it great to know our favourite activity is doing so much good?

Ready for a brain workout session that feels as divine as a hot bubble bath after a long week? (Glass of wine optional.)

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10 signs you’re a True Knitter

Knit your bliss with effortless knitting patterns

Here are 10 signs of a True Knitter. What’s your score?

  1. You’re secretly happy a party you were going to gets cancelled because you’d rather stay home in baggy sweats and knit anyway.
  2. You have a special bag just for your knitting projects. And let’s be honest, it’s not just one. It’s several, each with its own work-in-progress.
  3. You have yarn in every room of the house. It’s like glitter after a craft party but way less messy to clean up.
  4. Choosing between yarns feels like picking a favourite child. Each one has its own personality and potential, making the decision nearly impossible.
  5. A traffic jam or a delayed flight doesn’t throw you off. Every unexpected pause is just another chance to knit a few more rows.
  6. The first thing you notice about sweaters in stores is the knit pattern. And you either think, “I could make that” or “I wonder how many skeins that would take?”
  7. You can identify different fibres just by touch. It’s like a superpower – you can tell Merino from Alpaca blindfolded.
  8. You’ve turned down social plans because you were “busy.” Busy knitting, that is. Those stitches won’t knit themselves, after all.
  9. You have more photos of your knitting projects on your phone than selfies. Each project is a milestone, a memory. And let’s face it, sometimes they look better than we do.
  10. You’re nodding along while reading this list. Because each point reminds you of why you love knitting so much. It’s not just a hobby; it’s a part of who you are.


If that sounds like you, you’re the real deal. Congrats!

Now, reward yourself with an effortless pattern that makes knitting feel as relaxing as a hot bubble bath after a long week. (Glass of wine optional.)

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