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Project Love: Shine

September 6, 2016
By Janina Kallio

Most of you already know (and share!) my love for triangle and crescent shawls… But do you know how amazing a rectangle stole can be? Incredibly versatile, this great accessory will take your style up a notch. Loop it around your neck, let it hang down from your back, tie it with a knot, use it as a cozy snood or just wrap it around your shoulders: there is a million stylish ways to wear it.

Featuring eyelet bands, mesh sections and simple garter stitch, Shine is my most popular rectangle shawl pattern. Go for some silk to get a glossy look, but remember that there are many other awesome yarn options… Need some inspiration? Here you go!

Shine by Janina Kallio
Ingrid’s Shine with Lanitium ex Machina Silky Merino Sock
Photo© mpiggy on Ravelry
Shine by Janina Kallio
Miia’s Shine with DyeForWool Baby Alpaca/Silk Lace
Photo© miiahum on Ravelry


Shine by Janina Kallio
Donna’s Shine with Dye Diana Dye TussaLin
Photo© donnabriz on Ravelry
Shine by Janina Kallio
Diane’s Shine with Berroco Folio
Photo© DianeGensemer on Ravelry


Shine by Janina Kallio
Maria’s Shine with DyeForYarn Silk/Linen Fingering
Photo© Marmaknits on Ravelry
Shine by Janina Kallio
Jaime’s Shine with Anzula Squishy
Photo© sweeeetp on Ravelry


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