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Simple knitting: Unwind with the Underwater shawl

April 19, 2024
By Janina Kallio

Underwater – Simple triangle lace shawl for beginners

Are you craving a deliciously simple shawl on your needles?

If you’re looking for a knitting project that’s simple but still leaves room for a bit of creativity, the Underwater shawl is just what you need.

This pattern is all about a sleek, minimal shawl that feels as good to make as it does to wear.

Simple knitting, beautiful results

The Underwater shawl is a bias triangle with diagonally moving eyelet bands on stockinette stitch.

The look is modern and understated, making it an accessory that goes with just about anything.

You’ll need three colors of sport-weight yarn—how bold or subtle you go is up to you.

Deliciously soothing knitting

There’s something genuinely soothing about working on this shawl. Maybe it’s the repetitive motion of the needles or the way the pattern emerges almost effortlessly as you go.

Plus, finishing up with an I-cord bind-off gives a neat, tidy edge. It’s satisfying to see such a polished result from such a relaxing process.

This knitting pattern is great for both beginners and seasoned knitters.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll appreciate the easy-to-follow instructions and simple stitches.

If you’re a more experienced knitter, you’ll love the meditative rhythm and the chance to experiment with colour.

Whether you want to unwind after a busy day or spend a lazy weekend morning with a cup of coffee and your favourite podcast, this project will perfectly match your pace and mood.

Cast on and let the Underwater shawl take you to your happy place.

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