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The perfect warm weather knit

April 29, 2024
By Janina Kallio

Open Skies – Bias rectangle scarf knitting pattern with garter stitch and simple lace.

Does this sound familiar?

You love knitting shawls.

You adore exquisite wool yarns.

But when the temperatures rise, you find very little use for all those gorgeous shawls in your closet.

As much as I love the warm spring sun and the promise of the approaching summer, it also means that it gets too hot to wear my larger shawls.

And that’s exactly why I designed the Open Skies scarf.

For the days when all you can imagine draping around your neck is a sleek, little thing that’s as light as a summer breeze.

Something that pairs equally well with your favourite linen dress or a tank top and denim shorts.

And is just enough to ward off the morning chill and keep you comfortable in air-conditioned spaces.

Open Skies is a lightweight rectangle scarf with bias construction and tapered ends.

You work it in garter stitch and simple lace, playing with vertical and diagonal eyelet bands.

You could also knit your Open Skies with linen or silk yarn to make it even more summer-heat-appropriate. ☀️☀️☀️

Ready to cast on? Download the Open Skies scarf knitting pattern here!

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