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Unputdownable knitting: Spotlight shawl

May 21, 2024
By Janina Kallio

Spotlight – Bias triangle shawl knitting pattern with stripes and stunning lace

Are you in the mood for a knitting project that’s both relaxing and varied enough to keep things interesting?

If you love playing with colours to create the perfect palette, I have just the thing for you.

Spotlight shawl is a tried-and-true favourite that’s won the hearts of knitters for a reason.

This pattern strikes the perfect balance between simple and interesting, keeping you captivated from start to finish.

The mix of different stitches and textures ensures you never get bored, but with a finished shawl that maintains a clean and modern look.

Experienced knitters will love the meditative flow of this pattern, while adventurous beginners will appreciate the clear, easy-to-follow instructions that make skill-building a breeze.

Whether you opt for vibrant, contrasting colours or soft, harmonious tones, Spotlight lets your favourite yarn take centre stage. What’s your perfect colour combo?

Download the Spotlight shawl knitting pattern here and cast on!

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