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Favourite shawls to knit this summer

June 7, 2018
By Janina Kallio

Perfect shawls to knit this summer

Summer is the perfect time to knit shawls with lightweight yarns.

And Lake Song and Wild Cherries certainly fit the bill. They were both released a year ago, on a beautiful summer day in June 2017.

These asymmetric triangle shawls are as light as a summer breeze and inspired by the beauty of nature at its peak. Both are meditative to knit with beautiful results.

Lake Song is a large and floaty wrap and you’ll need two skeins of fingering weight yarn (722 m / 790 yds) to make it. The continuous lace pattern is a satisfying knit and easier than it looks.

Wild Cherries calls for a single skein of lace weight yarn. You’re still using a 4 mm / US 6 needle like for most of Woolenberry shawls, so the resulting shawl will be light as a feather and very flowy.

You can’t go wrong with either shawl, so sit back and relax with your needles and yarn, and enjoy the season.

Lake Song

Lake Song shawl pattern rom Woolenberry

Featuring a continuous and textured lace pattern, Lake Song is a large and floaty wrap with fabulous drape. The complex looking lace is satisfying and surprisingly easy to knit.

Lake Song is worked from one tip to the opposite side of the triangle, creating a slightly asymmetric shape. Serene and harmonious, this ethereal beauty reminds of tranquil waters.

Get the Lake Song pattern here

Wild Cherries

Wild Cherries shawl pattern from Woolenberry

Light and soft like a summer breeze, Wild Cherries is an effortless knit with beautiful results. Worked from one tip to the opposite side of the triangle, this asymmetric shawl delights with its clean lines and flowy feel. Its soothingly simple lace pattern reminisce nature’s beauty in blossom.

See Wild Cherries on Ravelry

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