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Project Love: Cosy Winter Wraps

January 15, 2018
By Janina Kallio

While we get deeper and deeper into winter, temperatures start to drop below zero. To beat the chill and avoid the cold, the best thing to do is to layer up.

To stay warm during the whole season, don’t forget to knit the perfect winter accessory: a generous and cosy wrap you’ll snuggle into all day long. For an extra dosis of softness and comfort, why not go for an exquisite blend of wool and silk, or for an incredibly smooth alpaca from Bolivia? These are some of the choices knitters from many different countries around the world have made, and we’re sure they don’t regret.

Softly Spoken knitting pattern from Woolenberry
Tiia’s Softly Spoken with Włóczki Warmii Mirella
Photo© TiiaN on Ravelry
Winter Starlight knitting pattern by Janina Kallio
Victoire’s Winter Starlight with Royal Baby Alpaca
Photo© vicdewa on Ravelry


Alchemy knitting pattern by Woolenberry
Miia’s Alchemy with DyeForYarn DK Silk/Merino
Photo© miiahum on Ravelry
Shine knitting pattern by Janina Kallio
Fiona’s Shine with DyeForYarn Fingering Tussah Silk
Photo© Fiona64 on Ravelry


Alchemy knitting pattern by Janina Kallio
Juliane’s Alchemy with Fiberpassion SilkenYak
Photo© geyfa on Ravelry
Spotlight knitting pattern by Janina Kallio
Jennie’s Spotlight with JulieSpins MCN 430 and Posh Yarn Ophelia Sock
Photo© Izamight on Ravelry


Would you like to see your own project featured on Project Love Series? Help us find it by creating a project page on Ravelry and uploading beautiful pictures of your finished knit. We’ll always ask your permission before sharing your pics. We look forward to seeing your lovely and inspiring knits!

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