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Project Love: Your all time pattern favourites

January 3, 2018
By Janina Kallio

From simple shawls to cosy accessories and flattering sweaters, Woolenberry offers you a wide range of patterns to knit… Nevertheless, some of them clearly stand out from the crowd and have become “all time favorites”. Herald with its beautiful eyelets and simplicity, Antarktis with its modern and dynamic look, Rosewater with its interesting but simple lace border… These designs are so popular that many knitters have made them several times.

Lately, three new patterns have carved out a place for themselves among our most loved shawls: Sea GrassSpotlight, and the lovely Wildheart. If you think they have been on your “to-knit list” for too long, then it’s time to finally cast them on. The projects featured below were made by knitters from all over the world, and we have no doubt they will help you make up your mind about the perfect colour and yarn.

Rosewater knitting pattern from Woolenberry
Vicki’s Rosewater with Morning Bright Holistic Merino Fingering
Photo© xstitch on Ravelry
Spotlight knitting pattern from Woolenberry
Johanna’s Spotlight with Handu Ilun Sinkku
Photo© Hippusia on Ravelry


Antarktis knitting pattern from Woolenberry
Fiona’s Antarktis with Kettle Yarn Co. Islington
Photo© Fiona64 on Ravelry
Antarktis knitting pattern from Woolenberry
Ginny’s Antarktis with The Fibre Co. Meadow
Photo© GinnySheller on Ravelry


Sea Grass knitting pattern from Woolenberry
Mirella’s Sea Grass with WalkCollection Linea
Photo© mirmels on Ravelry
Wildheart knitting pattern from Woolenberry
Denise’s Wildheart with Araucania Ranco Solid
Photo© Ladibi on Ravelry


Herald knitting pattern from Woolenberry
Katarina’s Herald with Lichtfaden Pure Silk Meridian
Photo© flykati on Ravelry
Antarktis knitting pattern from Woolenberry
Vanessa’s Antarktis with Riverside Studio Superwash Merino Singles
Photo© SewKnitPlay on Ravelry


Would you like to see your own project featured on Project Love Series? Help us find it by creating a project page on Ravelry and uploading beautiful pictures of your finished knit. We’ll always ask your permission before sharing your pics. We look forward to seeing your lovely and inspiring knits!

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