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Stay warm & cosy with these winter wraps

January 4, 2018
By Janina Kallio

Outside, the weather can be cold. Snow blowing in the wind and frost biting the nose of those wandering outdoors. Inside, it’s warm and inviting.

The long, dark winter nights are made for cosy evenings by the fire. Candles lighting the room with their comforting glow, hot tea steaming in a big mug. Hands working with soft wool yarn, happily knitting stitch after stitch.

Winter is the perfect excuse to knit a huge pile of warm and comfy wraps. Here are our top picks for meditative and cosy winter knitting. Enjoy!


Solace shawl knitting pattern from Woolenberry

Solace combines wool and mohair yarns to create a shawl that is both lightweight and luxuriously warm. Mohair yarn is carried throughout the shawl, adding a lovely marled effect to your colour choices and making it feel like you’re wrapping yourself in a soft cloud.

See Solace on Ravelry


Bough shawl knitting pattern from Woolenberry

Bough echoes the quiet beauty of nature during its winter sleep. Knitted sideways with worsted weight yarn, it has a versatile and wearable asymmetric triangle shape. Get swept into the calming rhythm of seed stitch and beautiful geometric lace, enjoying every single stitch.

See Bough on Ravelry


Alchemy shawl knitting pattern from Woolenberry

Alchemy is a beautiful DK weight wrap that knits up quickly and hugs you with its cosiness and warmth. An entertaining project with a meditative and relaxing rhythm, this shawl is a dream to knit.

See Alchemy on Ravelry

Winter Starlight

Winter Starlight shawl knitting pattern from Woolenberry

Winter Starlight features a simple and classic Shetland pattern creating beautiful scallops and an undulating, wavelike surface. The pattern is easily adjustable to different yardages, so if you want to make your wrap longer, just gather more yarn and keep on knitting until you’ve reached your desired length.

See Winter Starlight on Ravelry


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