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Your favourite places to knit

March 30, 2017
By Janina Kallio

On February e-letter I asked you to share your favourite knit spot with us, and I received 228 lovely and thoughtful answers (some of which are featured below). Thank you so much for playing along and letting us take a peek into your knit lives.

It seems most of us enjoy knitting at home in a cosy corner with podcasts, Netflix and fur babies. Accompanied with tea, sweets or wine, naturally. We love watching the seasons change, and when the weather permits, we move our knitting outside. To the patio, the beach, or on a shade under a tree. Anywhere where we can soak up the sunlight and listen to the birds singing.

Sounds perfect. Can I come too?

Favourite knit spot

My favourite place to knit is at our local coffee shop in Niagara where fellow knitters get together once a week for a stitch and bitch. We all share our experiences and knowledge while knitting away and trying to solve our problems, big and small.

My lakehouse looking out at either the frozen, sparkling beauty of the ice or the amazing green/blues of the water in summer. Peaceful, quiet and inspiring.

My favourite place to knit is everywhere. Anywhere I am I knit, even in the bath! (But I didn’t think of knitting while in active labour!)

I love to knit when I can sit on my sunporch in the late fall, winter, early spring, and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the plants that are growing around me while I watch gorgeous yarn becoming something special.

My favourite place to knit is my garden under the walnut tree.

My favorite place to knit is relaxing on a park bench near my office during my lunch hour, surrounded by sun or clouds, and gorgeous flowers and trees… Spring, Summer and Fall (and sometimes Winter, on a mild day). I am inspired by color in nature most of all, and that translates to my choice in colors I use for my shawls, so being able to knit outside is essential!

With friends at my local knit shop!

My favorite place to knit is early Saturday mornings, or late Friday nights on my back deck with a glass of wine and a good knitting podcast!

My favorite place to knit today is in the passenger seat of our car as we travel listening to books on CD. We travel to see the USA, to visit our daughters, to visit friends and to enjoy retirement. I love to knit and watch the world. I love to knit and to travel.

I love knit on the beach of northern lake Garda, it’s the most beautiful place here during all the seasons.

My favourite place to knit is on the beach, it’s ultimate relaxation in my opinion. The sun, the sea and the sound of the waves along with a great knitting project…… couldn’t be better!

I love to knit in my cozy chair, cat nearby, and a view of my Florida skies just beyond. It helps to have chocolate kisses very near as well…

My hands down favourite place to knit is on the sofa in the evening, getting up from time to time to turn the record over. Wool and vinyl – my perfect combo!

I love to knit on a balcony facing the ocean or on my comfy sofa when I binge watch a series on TV.

My favorite place is my bed with my little dog next to my legs, a warm blanket covering us and protecting from cold air. Being at home I also can drink my favorite tea and knit just one more row…

My favorite place to knit is in my room, with a nice cup of tea and a podcast on… and my dogs sleeping nearby.

At the music studio where my son has his cello lesson. As I knit, I hear music floating out from all the lessons, mixing together creating something beautiful.

My favorite place to knit is with friends, which also frequently occurs at a local winery. Cheers!

My favorite place to knit is sitting outside my cousin’s beach house in northwest California, U.S.A. overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Knitting and breathing in the fresh ocean air in the beautiful wooded northwest heals and rejuvenates my soul, and provides me with special memories of creating my projects, like my Melodia shawl.

My favorite place to knit is my strandkorb (beach chair) in my garden.

My favorite place to knit is on the sofa in my den before the fireplace and tv with my dog at my feet and my cat at my elbow.

It sounds silly but, my favorite place to knit is the car. I love to be going places and making something, it really gives the miles shape when you can see them in your stitches and hands.

My favourite place to knit starts Sunday mornings in my living room. I get the coffee and muffins ready just before my two sisters arrive for our family friendly knit-along.  We get together every other Sunday and spend the entire morning and half the afternoon knitting.

We bought a big, comfy chair in January that sits just beside the window in our bedroom. It was bought with the express purpose of me being able to read and knit with the natural light from the window. The chair is nice and wide so I can sit with my project bags beside me. The arms are flat on top so that I can place my patterns there. I’ve placed a bench beside the chair for water, notions bag, etc. My father built the bench and desk for my daughter but she has grown beyond it … it’s perfect for my knitting space! Sitting there with my knitting is very comfy and peaceful.

My favorite place to knit is on the couch next to my sweet partner. She’s a knitter too, so it’s just perfect!

In  a cozy chair with the fireplace on and my cup of coffee.

My favourite place to knit is on my comfy chair, in front of the fire with a nice cup of tea beside me. I find it very relaxing.

My favorite place to knit is my living room. Lots of light streams through the windows and it’s really peaceful!

My favorite place to knit is everywhere. If I’m on a long train trip or flight my knitting occupies my time. If I am stressed I pull out my knitting to join me over a cup of tea, and if I just want to relax and the weather cooperates I like it to accompany me outside.

My favourite place to knit is in any cafe or bar while we’re on holiday. Am then in a happy place, totally relaxed and people-watching!

My favourite place to knit is seasonal… the summer, I love to knit on my back deck or front porch and in the winter, I cozy up on a big chair or the couch in the living room with tea nearby, the fireplace turned on and my kitty curled up beside me.

Everywhere!! If I’m sitting, I’m knitting. But more specifically… I love to sit and knit in front of a fire on a cold day.

My favourite place to knit – in the chair next to the big window looking out onto our deck where a weaver bird is busy trying to make a nest.

2 favorite places to knit. One is at home curled up on the couch by the front window where I can watch the wildlife outside, the other is at my knitting friend’s place where we chat, watch tv, and sip wine.

I love to knit on the couch with the window over my shoulder, watching the fire in the wood stove. Of course the warmth of the knitting in my lap and the stove makes any winter day delightful.

My favorite place to knit is in my favorite comfy chair in my living room binge watching something on Netflix.

My favorite place to knit is in curled up on my sofa, in front of my fireplace, in my family room. It’s warm, bright and cozy!

I love to knit everywhere, but my favourite place is in the car, while my kids who refuse to nap at home nap in their car seats!

My favourite place to knit is at my moms place at her dining room table. We knit together almost every day for a couple of hours, while talk and drink coffee. It’s become a daily ritual before my husband gets home from work!

My favorite place is where ever my friends are gathered! The fellowship, the laughs, the pure pleasure of hearing the busy needles at work are all my favorite things!

My favourite place to knit would be in my lounge room by the fireplace with my cat snuggled beside me. Along with a toasty hot chocolate complete with marshmallow!

My favorite place to knit – On a plane, in a train, on a boat or in my chair.  I love to knit everywhere!

My favorite place to knit is in the corner nook of my apartment in my comfy chair.  I have a light and a stand to put my stich markers and other notions. But the best part is a little pallet next to me where my kitty sleeps while I knit.

I have a special chair in the bay window of our living room, where I can sit peacefully while my kids read or play or do their homework. I’m part of things, but separate at the same time.

My favourite place to knit is sat on my old sofa in the cosy sunny conservatory over looking my garden.

I love to sit in the corner of my oversized denim sofa that is in my four seasons sunroom. I am surrounded by windows and can watch the trees and birds as I knit. I especially love being out there during snow.

My favourite place to knit? Outside, anywhere there is a shady tree and a cool breeze; be it a blanket piled with pillows near the birdbath in my garden or on my favourite rock overlooking the ocean, waiting for the sun to rise over the trees. Knitting with nature calms my mind.

My most favorite place to knit is outside on my hammock, under my Pussy Willow Tree.

My favourite place to knit…  Has to be my local Costa, coffee and cake on tap, and because I’m not at home I’m not reminded of jobs I ‘should’ be doing!

What is my favourite place to knit, well I have several, the small sofa off the kitchen at home where I can grab a few moments of knitting time with a cuppa in between the housework. The music room which is quiet and has lovely views of the garden and fields beyond where I can while away an afternoon with my knitting, and the knitting group I go to on a Wednesday night, where very little knitting is done but the banter is lively and I am amongst much loved friends.

My favorite place to knit is in the shade of the gazebo in my back yard in summer with the ceiling fan providing a light breeze, even if there is no breeze otherwise.   have hanging baskets of flowers all around, the scent of which and the blowing in the breeze provide such a relaxing atmosphere, it can almost lull you to sleep – such a lovely place to knit.

My favorite place to knit is in bed, watching Outlander or some other fantastic show.

My favorite place to knit is at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC. In summer, I grab an iced tea and enjoy the great people-watching location. In cool weather, the garden’s all-glass restaurant makes for a cozy knitting and gazing spot.

My favorite place to knit is in our sunroom with our Shih Tzu curled up beside me!!

My happy place to knit is in my comfy chair in my little nook in the living room, surrounded by all my knitting needs, and my audio book connections. Can watch the world go by as I enjoy my favorite hobby.

My favourite place to knit is the sofà in my home, listening to the radio!

Surprisingly, I would have to say that my favorite place to knit is in the car–whenever I have to wait somewhere (picking up my son from school, idling while my husband runs into the bank, etc.) I turn on my heated seat, switch the radio to my favorite local station, and knit a row a two on whatever mindless project is currently in my bag.  It’s like being in a little bubble of calm while the world crazily swirls on around me.

My favourite place to knit is curled up on my sofa in front of the fire – home sweet home!

My favorite place to knit is my sofa with my Greengate Rose pillows in the wintertime. In warm times I love to knit in my rosegarden between all my roses with its lovely fragrance.

As to my favorite place to knit there is no doubt that it is in my seat at the table in my local yarn shop on Tuesday evenings,surrounded by a wonderful group of friends. Many of us have spent Tuesday evenings together for five or six years and hopefully will continue to for years to come.

My Favorite place to knit? It is the soft comfy end of the sofa, with my dog by my side and nice hot cup of peppermint tea. Bliss!

My favourite place to knit is outside in the summer. Somewhere where it’s quiet and not too warm.

Because I work way too many hours, I knit wherever and whenever I can steal a few minutes.  Sometimes, it’s in the car on a trip; sometimes it’s when others in the house are asleep; sometimes it’s with my knitting group on Sunday afternoons. Whenever and wherever it is, it’s relaxing and rejuvenating.

My favorite place to knit is at home, curled up on the couch with the sun shining through the window and my little dog Wilson next to me.

My favorite place to knit is anywhere I can sit in comfort, with a hot drink in winter and a cold drink in summer, and no extraneous noise apart from birds in summer and soft music in winter.

My favourite place to knit is a quiet piece of nature at the water: finding a nice place during summertime to sit down and let my feet hang into the water of a lake or river to refresh. That’s where I enjoy to relax and knit.

In the winter I love to knit in my open living room with classical music playing and the fireplace burning.  In the summer I love to knit on the deck next to my garden while listening to all the birds.

My favorite place to knit is my kitchen table. I look outside and see the mountain at whose base we live. It is peaceful and great to feel connected to what is happening outside. The table allows me plenty of room to spread out so I knit and watch podcasts or movies on my tablet. A perfect place.

I love to curl up and knit in my comfy leather reclining chair. All of my tools are around me and my lighting is just right.

My favorite place to knit … If possible (weather conditions!) outside in a small park (the Marquand Park in Princeton NJ) near a very old Japanese maple tree (magnificent in its fall glory)! Good for the soul and most beneficial for the knitting project.

My favorite place to knit is outside by my pool with my two dogs splashing all over me! Winter it is my corner in my craft room with dogs at my feet!

Sitting cross legged on my couch, back to the arm rest, so one of my cats can curl up in my lap and watch.  Sometimes a paw reaches for the yarn, and that is my que to stretch my fingers.

My favourite place to knit is in my big cozy arm chair that sits in a sun filled corner of my bedroom. My two cats love to sit on the arms of the chair and play with my yarn as I knit!

My favorite place to knit is in my Living Room early in the morning before my husband is awake.  In the evening in my family room while my husband is in the kitchen cooking dinner.

I love to knit in bed with a heatpad and watching Netflix.

My favorite place to knit is in my LYS or in my living room surrounded by my crafty friends. We love to get together and share yarny things and encourage each other to finish our WIPs.

My favorite place to knit is on the comfy sofa watching an old movie from the 40s.

My favourite place to knit is in front of my living room window in my late mother’s chair that she used to sit and knit. Great memories and very comfy chair.

My favourite place to knit is at home on my comfy couch, especially if it’s raining or yucky out, in my pjs covered in a cozy knit afghan with my cat curled in my lap contently purring away. Heaven!

My favorite place to knit? In the adirondack chair on my back porch while I listen to the birds and the small beasts (neighborhood children) with a dark beer on the table alongside.

Favorite place to knit? In Summer, at the beach. Otherwise here on my couch with the dog and kitties!

My favourite place to knit is snuggled on the sofa with my husband and cat. And if I were able to dream, with a view of the sea.

My favourite place to knit is in our cabin, in the forest, on Saltspring Island! Apart from the occasional owl hooting, it’s a quiet and restorative place to escape to!

My favorite place to knit is at home on the sofa. I can watch a podcast or a tv show while knitting and have easy access to tea from the kitchen.

Curled up on the sofa with my cat next to me and an iced latte waiting to be sipped!

My favourite place to knit is anywhere with my ‘knit sisters’.  We meet through the winter at each other’s houses and have a night of knitting and fun!

2 favorite places: the big comfy chair by the fireplace with fire going, or rocking on the front porch, gentle breezes thru the pines, listening to the birds and the babbling creek.

With my cats, coffee and plants in my sun room watching the birds and deer roam on our property. Bliss.

I have 2 favorite spots: The first one is on the couch in  my living room with my cat snuggled up next to me. The other is the LYS that I am part owner of – just being around other crafters is so inspiring.

My favourite place to knit is my balkony so often the weather allows. In the cold seasons my kitchen is my happy place.

When the weather is just right, I really like to knit at the park while my son is playing. It’s public, so sometimes I get conversations, and I like the sunshine. But really, I don’t go anywhere without my knitting.

My favourite place to knit is at home, sitting on the sofa and just enjoying the lazy moment. It’s a great way to slow down in the evening.

My favourite place to knit is in my favourite chair surrounded by all the necessary tools, listening to music or an audiobook. When the weather is wonderful, I also like to knit outside in a warm, but shady spot!

My very favorite place to knit is sitting outdoors on my porch, listening to the bird songs and watching the sky.

My favourite place to knit is where the light is the best to see by and good people to talk and listen to. That place for me is my family room because it gets great natural light for most of the day, has many lamps for those cloudy days and, as the name implies, it’s the room where my family come to share their days.

In my comfy grandma chair in front of a roaring fire.

My favourite place to knit is at home in the living  room, with all my favourite things around me. The fire would be lit, so I’m nice & cosy. But I can also look outside to watch the birds feeding. Quite simple, but so lovely.

My favorite to place to knit is at my local yarn store, Knitsburgh. I greatly enjoy the company of other knitters and the inspiration that I can find in the knit shop.

My favorite place to knit is when my little knitting group is together to knit, wherever it may be. We usually get together at our LYS, we take a winter retreat at a rented condo, we rotate at each other’s homes and on a friends boat in the summer. Anywhere we are together, it’s my favorite place to knit.

I fly a lot and airplane/airport gate knitting is my favorite place to knit. I relish long flights knowing I can get uninterrupted knitting sometimes for hours on end. I plan projects for those flights!

My favorite place to knit is in my cozy corner of our living room. It is right by the window that looks onto our back garden. I can knit and watch the birds!

My favorite place to knit is my neighborhood cake shop where I sit right after dinner, with coffee, a slice of homemade cake and whatever project I have on my needles for that week.

My very most favorite place to knit is in my big comfy chair while watching old movies with a cup of tea!

My favorite place to knit is at home, surrounding by my husband and dog. Music in the background, mug cocoa on the table with a piece of cake. My husband reading a book and I knitting.

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