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Inspiration for your next knitting project

December 7, 2017
By Janina Kallio

In the secret of my cosy studio in Helsinki, I spend hours selecting gorgeous yarns and swatching to create new designs. Stitch by stitch, it’s a process that takes time and patience, and that I always put my whole heart into.

When the time finally comes for a new pattern to go live, I can’t wait to see the first projects popping up on Ravelry. Your yarn choices and the lovely personal touches you add to your projects makes me discover my own designs from a brand new perspective, encouraging me to keep on creating.

Every month I feature some of the most inspiring finished projects we’ve seen on Ravelry, hoping they’ll give you ideas for your next knit. Whether they’re filtered by pattern, colourway or any other thematic potpourri, they are a great source of inspiration for any knitter trying to decide on the next project to cast-on.

I invite you to browse these beautiful projects already shared over the past few years. And if you would like to see your own knitting featured here, help me find it by creating a project page on Ravelry and uploading beautiful photos of your finished knit. I’ll always ask your permission before sharing your pics. Looking forward to your lovely and inspiring knits!

Rosewater knitting pattern from Woolenberry
Lisa’s Rosewater shawl
Photo© lisagreenb on Ravelry
Antarktis knitting pattern from Woolenberry
Ginny’s Antarktis shawl
Photo© GinnySheller on Ravelry


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